The Art of Interface


Manufacturing of digital instrument clusters

Open offer for all car makers, ship builders and aircraft manufacturers around the world: development and manufacturing of digital instrument clusters.

Development includes all necessary R&D in graphical design, hardware and programming.


4 months — from getting your specification to production

  • Design: infographics, usability, interface
  • Hardware: schematics, component selection, printed circuit board
  • Firmware: 2D and 3D graphics, user interface, drivers, RTOS
  • Housing: material selection, design, manufacturing
Digital instrument cluster VIC Laplace Z Automotive digital instrument cluster VIC Laplace Z. Graphical design — Bruno Prata.

Graphical design includes virtual dashboard infographics, usability and interface development. Could be done according to custom requirements or in line with internal Librow expertise.

Hardware development and manufacturing includes digital cluster electronic schematics, component selection, sourcing and printed circuit board — PCB — manufacturing.

Firmware development includes virtual dashboard programming: drivers for peripherals, 2D and 3D graphical engines, user interface logic, real-time operation systems — RTOS. Custom specified extensions could be added.

Housing development and manufacturing includes material selection, assembly design and 3D models. Done according to custom style requirements and mounting specification.

Digital instrument cluster Lomonosov Z Digital instrument cluster for public transporation VIC Lomonosov Z. Graphical design — Michael Mukovoz.

Both limited and unlimited serial production of virtual instrument clusters is available. Minimum order quantity is as low as 4 devices.

Special offer 2020

In 2020 on a limited budget we will take a custom-tailored instrument cluster from specification to ready for production state in four months. Hardware, housing, graphics and programming are included.


Offer 2020 — custom digital instrument cluster from sketch to production

  • time — 4 months
  • price — 9998 per month
  • component sourcing
  • included — 4 functional prototypes with mating connectors
  • included custom graphics, 3 modes
  • development protection — stocking critical components
  • special delivery — 4 production devices in 8 months as part of this offer
  • extra — documentation, delivery and on-site installation

In 2019 we added to our product line VCC — virtual central console. This complex device we make in 8 months, production devices are delivered in 12 months.

Our services

Original equipment manufacturing — OEM — for automotive, marine, avionics:

Graphical design for digital instrument clusters

Comprehensive service in graphical design for digital instrument clusters

  • creation of the instrument cluster graphics from scratch
  • development of the dashboard graphics based on your specification
  • redesign of the existing graphics
  • moving real metal and plastic design into virtual realm
Hardware for digital instrument clusters

Full cycle of digital instrument cluster hardware development

  • schematics
  • component selection
  • PCB design, prototyping and manufacturing
  • integration of the instrument cluster with other on-board systems
  • service and support of the manufactured instrument clusters
Firmware for digital instrument clusters

Full cycle of digital instrument cluster firmware development

  • 2D and 3D graphics
  • GUI
  • peripheral drivers
  • communication protocols
  • RTOS
Housing for digital instrument clusters

Full cycle of digital instrument cluster housing development

  • design
  • material selection
  • 3D rendering
  • prototyping and manufacturing