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Article 3

Deformation visualization

Category. Scientific graphics rendering software development.

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Demo screenshot

1. Sphere deformation

Do you want to see the shape of the elastic sphere pressed against flat surface? Do you know who was the first person to calculate the deformation and the stress in contact? This demo will help you to compare the form of the deformed sphere with its original state. You will see not only the name of the great scientist but also his photo.

For those who interested in mathematics: the result formula for deformation was calculated with the help of Legandre Polynomials, Abel Transformation and Fredholm Equation. For those who know what the INI file is: feel free to change the initial conditions.

Enjoy knowledge, real-time mathematics and OpenGL capabilities.

The demo package includes 4 files — application, texture storage, initialization file and description:

  • deform.exe — application
  • deform.egf — texture storage (32-bit RGBA compressed images)
  • deform.ini — initialization file
  • readme.txt — description

Be aware of the fact that this sample uses OpenGL so it should be installed on your computer.

2. What will you see?

Everything you will see is mathematical objects calculated according to the physical and mechanical laws — fig. 1:

Fig. 1. Demo elements - screenshot.
Fig. 1. Demo elements:
  1. deformed elastic ball
  2. force applied to the ball
  3. contact area
  4. original form of the ball